• APRIL 2017 : Launching of "SWIMBOT ACADEMY" swimming classes.
  • FEBRUARY 2017: Version 1.9 offers new features and changes.

New features

- New exercise: Freestyle. Gives your lap time and distance (instead of number of laps)

- Possibility to set the lenght of the pool 

- Possibility to set your weight / best and slowest time on 50 freestyle in the settings menu

- "Settings" menu: calories burned, distance of your session, total distance.

- Announce of total distance at the end of each exercise

- Optimization of the battery life while you swim

- Possibility to check SWIMBOT memory


- « Even Pace » becomes « Pace »

- New order of exercises

- New algorithm of laps detection for the 4 strokes in all exercises

- Stats on Fartlek exercise

FreestyleStatisticsPaceFull MemoryStats of the sessionAmount of calories burned during the sessionTotal stats

  • DECEMBER 2016: Version 1.8.0 enables to :

- Adjust the volume of the beeps, the voice and the music in your SWIMBOT (menu : settings).
- This version is equipped with the new technique exercise 'Breathing Angle' which improves streamlining during the breathing action by reducing the angle of your head roll.
- Even Pace exercise: new features
- 'Visual Cues': Watch directly on your device the ideal swimming technique.

  • NOVEMBER 2016: Version 1.7.0 is equipped with the new exercise ‘Fartlek’.
  • OCTOBER 2016: Version 1.6.0 is equipped with the new exercise ‘Even Pace’.


For SWIMBOT clients: don't forget to update your device with the last version 1.9.1 thanks to SWIMBOT Companion.

Windows Update
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