SWIMBOT interview: Mike, US swim coach

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"I like how SB offers different levels for most exercises so it can be used by swimmers of different abilities."

How did it feel the first time you used the SWIMBOT ?

I was an early recipient of the SB and the user manual wasn't available so I was like “the man who doesn’t follow directions” and my first use was frustrated by incorrect calibration during the push-off. I was coming off the walls as from an “open turn” so I wasn’t completely level and my scores were wacky. Also, I was expecting to hear the audible feedback in the “Score” program and - as I learned reading the manual - that’s the only time there is not audible feedback. Coach Jascha was very helpful getting me on the right track during those early days.

What is your favorite exercise?

So far the exercise I like best is “Even Pace” although I probably spend the most time using the Steady Head exercise trying to isolate where the errors come from that keep me from getting “10s” in the score program.

How do you organize a SWIMBOT workout with a group?

As it was for me personally, I expect there will be a learning process for my swimmers to use the device and experience the exercises before I have them do a “SwimBOT workout” per se. But I see the potential for sets of swims where they can: 1. Use the Steady Head exercise while focusing on head position in repeats of freestyle and/or backstroke swims; 2. Use the Breathing Angle exercise while focusing on head position and breath timing in repeats of freestyle swims; 3. Use the Variable tempo exercise to swim “descend” repeats of all strokes over a distance of 25 to 100 yards; 4. Use the Steady tempo exercise in repeats of each stroke with swimmers increasing the tempo before each successive swim to discover new limits for the stroke rate they use to swim their fastest; 5. Use the Even Pace exercise to encourage better pacing and motivate swimmers to strive and condition for the increased pace they will need to swim new personal best times - especially for 200 and longer distance races; 6. Use the Fartlek exercise to help develop their endurance base early in the season and periodically challenge themselves (in a fun way) to swim fast/faster when they are tired.

Do you find that certain exercises are better for beginners and other exercises are usefull for confirmed swimmers?

I like how SB offers different levels for most exercises so it can be used by swimmers of different abilities.

What do you expect from SWIMBOT? Any idea for future updates?

I would like to see an adaptation of the Fartlek exercise where one of the “speed levels” is “Coach talk” or “Rest" in which the coach could insert guidance, instruction, encouragement, a focus point etc in between swims so you could give swimmers a 20-30 minute set that mixes music and guidance/instruction from the coach and keeps swimmers “on the clock” so-to-speak for an extended period of time.


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